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Title: Advanced Batch and Automatic Printing Software Print Helper

Description: Print Helper automates the printing process of any type of files. All documents that require printing can be selected and processed at once. Print Helper is the ideal solution for organizations that regularly batch print Excel, PDF, and image files. Unique features: Automates the printing process of any type and number of files. All documents that require printing can be selected and processed at once. Ideal solution for organizations that regularly batch print Excel, PDF, image and other file types. Unique features include automatic Excel and Image resizing. Files can be fetched from an FTP server for printing. No additional software required to print most of file types. Batch image resizing. Batch Image converting. Convert one type of files to another. Convert many different types of files into one multi-page TIF file. Convert one multi-page TIF file into many single files. Convert many types of files to one TIF file.

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