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  Frequently Asked Questions About Print Helper

If you do not find here answers to your questions please contact us and we will reply promptly.

  Q: Will PrintHelper print all files and subfolder files in the order they appear?

  A: Files can be sorted either by name or by extension (file type). Sorting by extension is very recommended for faster printing. 

  Q: Does your program require additional software installed to print image files?
I need to print folders with GIF, JPEG and BITMAP files.

  A: No, PrintHelper prints any image format listed in the program description.
No additional software is required.

  Q: Does the free version work in full mode?

  A: Yes, it will work in full mode for 15 days. In order to continue to use it a license purchase is required.

  Q: I need to print of up-to 4000 PDF files contained on a CD ROM. Can your software print the entire Disc of PDF files?

  A: Yes, it can print any number of files. Users can change the default number of spooled files.

  Q: Can report be printed into a separate printer tray

  A: Yes, you can specify which printer tray is for reports

  Q: What happens when a document or image does not fit the page

  A: Print Helper will resize the document automatically

  Q: I have more than 150 PDF files, original size 30" x 42".
Using Adobe Acrobat I have to select each file individually to print.
Can I can batch them using Print-Helper? The goal is to print to 11 x 17 landscape.

  A: Yes, in Print Helper you can select as many files as you need. Print Helper will fit each file into the page size which the default printer is set to.

  Q: Is there a way that Print-Helper runs in back, and check every 2 minutes,
if there is a new *.doc , print the *.doc and move the file to another dir after it was printed?

  A: When Print Helper runs in the hidden mode, there is an option to check a source directory for its contents, print files, move them to another directory, wait a set amount of time (1,2,...100..min), then check the source directory again for new files to be printed. The source can either be a local directory or an FTP server directory.

  Q: I need a printing solution for one of my clients who wants to batch print power point presentations on a large scale to a Copier / Printer.

  A: Print Helper supports batch printing of any number of Power Point files. Please note that you need to have a Power Point installed on your PC.

  Q: I just installed Print Helper. I need to print PDF files, but it does not recognize them. Why does this happen?

  A: Most likely you do not have an Adobe Acrobat 6, 7 or Adobe Acrobat Reader 6, 7, 8 or 9 installed. You also may need to check if the PDF extension is setup in the Extension Manager 

Q: Does your program require additional software installed to convert any type of files to PDF format?

A: Yes, You need to install Adobe Acrobat version 6, 7 or Adobe Acrobat Reader 6, 7, 8 or 9



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